What is adoption?

An adoption is the process of confirming a family relationship between an adult and a child. There are many different circumstances that can bring a family to the point of asking the court to confirm an adoption. The adoption process is often confusing for individuals, but it provides security and long-term protection for the child.

Types of adoption:
Guardian Adoption
Confirmation of a Foreign Adoption
Step-Parent Adoption
Same-Sex Adoption

How do we assist our adoption clients?

Adoptions are a fun and hopeful time for a family. Often adoption is the solemnization of a long-term relationship between an adult and a child. We assist our clients to review all the possible options available to them, potential pitfalls, and review the possible outcomes. We will work with you to choose a certified adoption professional, arrange for the confirmation of a termination of parental rights, and representation at the ultimate hearings.

How do we provide support to our clients?

Adoptions can be an emotional roller-coaster. It is imperative that we, as your attorneys, are responsive to all your needs. We strive to educate our clients about the process, the time lines, and the options that may be available. Once a client has all of the information they need, it is much easier for them to navigate through the case with realistic expectations.

How do we help our clients through the process?

We meet with you to thoroughly examine the situation and craft a plan for moving through the adoption process. Part of this requires obtaining documentation that supports the adoption and ensuring that the information provided to the Court is secure. We discuss the potential fees and costs so that you can plan as a family for the process.

Click Here for the Adoption Worksheet

How do we communicate with our adoption clients?

Our staff and attorneys are available by telephone, e-mail, letter, and in-person. We strive to return all calls within twenty-four (24) hours so that our clients are not waiting for days for a response to their questions. It is our policy to inform the client about each and every document that is received or prepared in his or her case, and we provide detailed billing statements that identify the work performed on the clients’ behalf.